Presentation Skills Workshop

for healthcare professionals

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Saturday October 19 - New York City

Give a Talk - Build Your Business


   Your practice is a business. To grow it, you need to get your message out there. The best, most impactful way to do this is by creating a great presentation, one you can deliver in person and on camera.   We call this a “Signature Talk.”

  This workshop is designed for anyone who provides health-related products or services. You’ll use the PresentWell Method™ to become a more powerful, engaging speaker. You’ll practice little known speaker techniques that increase attention, influence, and memorability. As a result, you'll realize a huge boost in confidence. You will unleash your native power to connect, persuade, and motivate. You will learn how to create, structure, & perfect your own Signature Talk.

Go home ready to get your message out there: in person, on camera, online.

Your Signature Talk...

Discover how to create, structure & present a Signature Talk that builds your reputation, credibility  and attracts new patients.

In Person

Learn platform proven presentation techniques you can use to make your talk compelling & your message appealing and memorable.

On Camera

Get pro tips & techniques that help you look natural and feel confident in front of a camera - even if you have little or no video experience.


How to use your core message and Signature Talk to power up your website, attracting exactly the kind of patients you can help most.

Our "No Risk" Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your investment. Here are the terms: Attend and complete the workshop for which you registered and paid. Within 30 days of completing, if you feel we did not deliver the value you expected, simply request a 100% tuition refund. We will process your refund immediately.

Why this workshop is guaranteed effective

We provide 3 ways to learn

  • Teach

    We present each aspect of the PresentWell Method in clear, concise class room sessions: what it is, how to do it, when to use it, and why it works.

  • Train
    You get first hand experience by participating in interactive exercises. You'll go home confident you can do what we've taught -because you've already done it.

  • Coach

    You'll get individualized coaching & feedback on specific aspects of your presentation. You'll develop your ability to direct and guide your own progress.

  • Community

    From the opening moments, you will quickly become part of a tight knit community of people like you who are committed to achieving a new level of service and excellence. Some of your most valuable insights will come from fellow participants. Come grow with us!


Presentation Skills Workshop 

for Healthcare Professionals

Learn new skills

Interactive environment

Personal development


Here's the planned agenda for your day long workshop packed with packed with content & value

We begin and end on time. Content and schedule subject to change as required to deliver results.


SATURDAY October 19

8:00 - Registration, Continental breakfast

8:30 - Welcome ceremonies



• Introductions - Discovering your message

• What is Presence?

• Why enhancing your presence enhances your business. 


• Classroom: How to organize your talk using the PresentWell Method and the Signature Talk Template.

• How to begin your talk in a way that gets the audience's full attention and gets them on your side.

• Exercises.


10:15  BREAK (10Minutes)



• Slay the fear dragon

• Tap into your natural passion

• How to give and receive feedback

• Advanced attention tools - voice, posture, gestures, movement, and stage presence.

• Interactive exercises and feedback


12PM  - Working lunch 

How to use video to grow your presence and your practice. Easy and effective strategies, tips, and techniques, you can use, even if you have no equipment and no previous on-camera experience.



​• Classroom: Tools to build memorability.  

• How to effectively use your own natural emotion, suspense, drama, humor. 

• Exercises


• 3:00 - BREAK (10 minutes)



• Stick the landing: How to end your talk on a high note. Send your audience home inspired and have them remember you. 



• 4:00 - BREAK (10 minutes)


4:10 - 5PM

• Classroom: How to drive home key points with a well-told story. Trigger long lasting memories of your talk by using multiple types of brain stimuli.



5PM - Day Concludes

Meet the workshop creators

They will personally lead your session

Mark J. Tager, MD

Chief Enhancement Officer -ChangeWell Training Academy

Not only is Mark featured on platforms around the world as one of the leading speakers in healthcare, he's an MD who has authored 10 books and numerous training programs. He regularly consults with many healthcare clients on strategy  messaging & media.

Robert John Hughes

Chief Strategy Officer, ChangeWell Training Academy

A former White House news correspondent for a leading American broadcaster, Robert later became President of America's 4th largest radio broadcasting companies. He's an award winning marketing strategist, brand advocate, speaker, coach, and published author.

EXTRA: Each registered participant receives a

free copy signed by the authors

Enhance Your Presence:

The Path to Personal Power,

Professional Influence, & Business Results

This is the breakthrough book by Mark J. Tager, MD and Robert John Hughes that directly connects effective speaking with enhanced personal presence. As Dr Tager says: "In order to grow your business, you must first enhance your presence."


Tager and Hughes show how becoming a skilled and effective presenter causes the speaker to project greater presence. That sense of enhanced presence attracts more customers.


This is the book that spawned the PresentWell Method and gave birth to this workshop.

PLUS... two free bonuses

worth over $700!

“Every time I speak and Dr. Tager is in the audience I know I am lucky. I gave a keynote in Nashville. Afterward, Mark  made just a few seemingly small recommendations. The next time I gave the same presentation my message had much greater impact and resonated at a much higher level. He was right. Thank you Mark!”

Steve Dayan, MD - Facial plastic surgeon & NYTimes best selling author

Bonus # 1 - $129 Value - FREE

"The Art of the Healthcare Presentation"

In this 90 minute online course, Dr Mark Tager shows you how to use a live talk to attract new patients, gain respect, and enhance your credibility. “The Art" is a go-to skills-refresher.

It is perfect for experienced speakers and those just starting out. Ideal to share with colleagues and staff. Free e-book and Power Source Profile included. 

•Acclaim for this course:

•Duke Integrative Medicine - Leadership program

•American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - World Congress

•Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine - Fellowship Program.

•Delivered live 


-South Beach Symposium

-Leading healthcare companies

Bonus # 2 - $575 value - FREE

Live Personal Coaching

Ready to take the next big step? We’ve got you covered. Within 60 days of completing the NYC workshop, you can set up a live, personal one hour Zoom coaching  session with Mark and/or Robert. You will deliver your Signature Talk. Get valuable personal feedback. You'll learn what's working and what to work on. 

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  • Autographed Book

    Your copy of Enhance Your Presence signed by the authors & mailed to your address. FREE

  • Online Course

    Dr Mark Tager's ​Art of the Healthcare Presentation & accompanying e-book.

    $129 value - FREE.

  • Power Source Profile

    Learn how to understand and apply your unique energies to transform stress into power.


  • Presentation Skills Workshop

    Join us in NYC October 19 to strengthen your presentation skills in person, on camera & online. TUTION $995/person. Save $100 with your Early Decider discount.

  • Private Coaching

    Schedule a private ZOOM coaching session with Mark & Robert, present your signature talk, get feedback from the experts. $575 Value - FREE


Workshop tuition is $995 per person, includes continental breakfast, course materials, well timed breaks, and a healthy box lunch sponsored by NUTRAFOL®. Early Decider $100 discount code provided prior to checkout. Register with $100 coupon, pay just $895. NOTE: Limited attendance. Not all seats available at this discount which may be discontinued at any time due to availability.

Dress code: comfortable, informal. Attendance strictly limited to ensure personal attention. Workshop will be held in at NUTRAFOL's midtown Manhattan facilities.  Address & details will be e-mailed to registrants. Satisfaction guaranteed, 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee.

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